Thursday, 17 August 2017

What you need to know about diamond maintenance

Wedding Rings White Gold
Whatever the occasion, diamonds are and always have been the epitome of celebration. Known to be the toughest natural substance on the Earth, diamonds can cut any rock or metal; yet only a diamond can cut another diamond. Despite its ruggedness, diamond can lose its sparkle with oil or dust deposited on it. To maintain the sparkling of this indestructible gemstone is a tough job, but a possible one! So, how would you keep your diamond solitaire shining as good as new? Here are some vital tips.

Handle with care
The diamonds are magnets to the oil and grease. This makes them tough to clean. The diamonds might lose its shine and fire with the oil deposition by a mere touch. So, refrain from touching the diamonds. Use gloves or masculine cloth while handling your diamond solitaire.

Clean your Diamonds regularly
A simple process to keep your diamond jewellery as charming is to soak it in a mild degreasing solution like a fine blend of water and mild dish soap. After removing the jewellery from the solution, use a toothbrush to remove any dirt from its surface. The toothbrush is the best choice to clean those hard to reach places where most of the oil and dirt gets accumulated.
Skip Using Harmful Solutions
Chlorine bleach and abrasives should never be used to clean your diamond solitaire and must be avoided at all cost. Abrasives can scratch the gold and other metals, and Chlorine bleach can damage the metal used to alloy gold for diamond settings.

Use Ultrasonic Cleaners with Caution

Sometimes, an ultrasonic cleaner proves beneficial to remove encrusted dirt on diamonds. The ultrasonic cleaners clean the accumulated dirt on a diamond using sound waves through a solution. But, they also might shake loose stones from their mountings. If your diamond is created using fracture filling or it contains feathers avoid ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

7 Valuable Tips on Bridal Jewellery Shopping

Diamond Solitaires
The wedding day has special significance in every woman’s life. It is important that you carry the best looks and feel comfortable throughout the day. For any bride to be, the wedding is the most special and unique day, and a special and unique jewellery marks the day forever as a beautiful memory. There would be spring in your pace, immense happiness in your heart, and excitement in your voice as you purchase for your jewellery. Many times, shopping for jewellery became quite stressful and done in a hurry. This can be easily avoided by preferring few valuable tips that will make your purchase for bridal jewellery much easier.

Selection of Jewellery
You must buy your wedding jewellery from reputed dealer only as you’ll come across quality jewellery, and you get a better chance to pick from a broad range of selections. Researching online and checking the reviews beforehand pays off well.

The Style of the Jewellery
It is advised to buy an amazingly designed bridal dress and then beautiful cheap wedding rings that will complement it perfectly. Diamond Solitaires  are perfect for reception and cocktail evenings. You can also try out some intricate jewellery too, that are right for this ceremony. Chandelier earrings can be preferred with the upswept hair style, and diamond studs will be best with fussy hairdos.

Select Timeless Jewellery
Timeless pieces of jewellery can be worn for always and make heads turn on every occasion. Make sure to buy that timeless jewellery that is fashionable yet classy. The timeless, elegant jewellery that is light to wear can be used post wedding too.

Allow your Jewellery Speak for You
Just appearing good doesn't do justice to the way you feel. The jewellery you wear should look good and make you feel good too. Taking the current trends into consideration is good but don't just blindly follow them. Choose jewellery in which you’re comfortable, and which goes well with your persona. Pick those pieces that attract you and look ideal for you.

Select with Care
Select the jewellery that fits you well. Many women prioritise trend before their comfort. The jewellery pieces which don't fit may irritate and take all the joy out of any occasion.

Purchase only what you require
Buying wedding jewellery within your decided budget is imperative. You need to be more careful so that you don’t face any financial problems at the last moment. While purchasing the bridal jewellery, try to stick to your plan and budget.

The trend of Mix and Match

There is a new trend of mix and match. You can purchase beautiful wedding jewellery pieces singularly and then put them together to make a fascinating laid down for the occasion.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Wedding ring types for her

Picking a ring from an online jeweller is one of the most smart choices you could make. Most of them offer almost every ring style possible – and if they don’t have a style you want, they can make a customised one for you. To choose the perfect ring, consider what fits her lifestyle and personality best. Here are recommendations that match personality traits with various styles of diamond rings:-  

1. Conventional and elegant - Picking a classic solitaire setting as a platinum diamond ring is timeless and showcases the centre diamond without any distraction. Solitaires that feature one centre diamond are the most popular style for engagement rings. The most traditional solitaire features a plain metal band. To add a bit more refinement or to ensure the centre diamond is set especially low, consider a trellis setting or a basket setting.

platinum diamond ring
2. Bold and beautiful - If she loves to flaunt, you can pick a diamond eternity ring, or a setting that holds her diamond higher, or perhaps one that features sparkling pavé-set diamonds on the band of the ring. Halo engagement settings are also very popular. Halo settings add a circle of diamonds around the center diamond to add sparkle and make the centre diamond appear larger.

3. Outdoorsy and nature lover - Does your loved one fall for nature or is happy when outdoors? Ring settings with organic elements in their designs such as leaves, vines, and flowers may suit her well. For an active woman, consider a setting that holds the diamond lower to the hand. A bezel setting, or a thin metal band that hugs the diamond all the way around its girdle, is also great for keeping a diamond protected.

4. Romantic and timeless - Does your partner love all things romantic and vintage? Consider ring settings that feature minute details, scrollwork patterns, intricate galleries, or dainty bands. Or, if your partner loves unique one-of-a-kind items from the past, consider an authentic antique engagement ring. Bands for Hands have one of the largest online collections of antique rings, and it is constantly being refreshed.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Why are Platinum wedding rings best?

A wedding ring is an essential item on the marriage day. Besides serving as a constant reminder of the union premised on love and affection, it is one of the few key things we carry along all the days of our lives.
The venue might be beautiful full of all the decorations you can imagine, close family and friends in attendance but the occasion is not complete without the bride and groom exchanging that piece of metal. It is because there is more to it than we always imagine.

Platinum wedding rings are high-quality creations suitable for any couple looking for a marriage band.  They come in multiple designs with each model unique in its right. If you are out there looking for something different, than Platinum rings  are the right alternative that breaks the monotony of the known metals.
In the recent years, wedding jewellery has flooded the market making it difficult for consumers to choose objectively. Nonetheless here are a few reasons why you should consider Platinum rings for your wedding:-

     i.        Platinum is a rare metal
Platinum rings
As compared to other materials used in making wedding rings, Platinum is a precious treasure. So, by buying its products you stand out among your peers who opt for the general models. Not only do own a preserve for the few, but it also makes your wedding different.

    ii.        Platinum is hypoallergenic
Platinum wedding rings are nickel free a substance responsible for metal allergies.  You are less likely to feel any irritation on the skin. It works for you whether you have sensitive skin or not.

  iii.        Quality
 A wedding occurs once in life; consequently, a couple needs to get the best to mark the occasion. From the Platinum metal, high-quality rings result for the wedding day. The rings are beautiful and fascinating to the eyes. The creativity behind the bands ensures you get the best.

   iv.        Platinum wedding rings are durable
 As opposed to some brands in the market, Platinum wedding rings are resistant to extreme conditions that can impact on the quality. If you buy this brand, you get an everlasting product.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Benefits of buying cheap wedding rings

Marriage is a lifetime opportunity to confess your love for your partner in the presence of your family and friends. For many couples, the idea of a union is a milestone they desire from the early days of dating. A significant part of the whole marriage ceremony is the exchange of the wedding rings.

It is so because a ring acts as a sign of enduring partnership between the two people in love.When it comes to getting the right piece, many find it very confusing.  It is because the market offers a broad range of alternatives and also due to the belief that there is more value in costly bands.

Well, that may not be entirely accurate since cheap wedding rings also have incredible features you cannot resist. Going for something simple also guarantees the beauty and elegance we all hope to have on our big day.

Cheap wedding rings  are not a preserve of low-income earners time, and again even those who can afford expensive models opt otherwise. When you consider these pieces, you get classic designs from quality materials at pocket-friendly prices.

Wedding Bands
The emotional nature of weddings can subject you to making rash decisions concerning expenditure. To avoid regretting after the whole experience never forget you have bills to pay going forward. There is nothing peculiar in buying cheap wedding rings.
In fact, due to advancement in skills and technology, there is more than what meets the eye in the various brands available in the market.

Alternatives you can consider as cheap wedding rings
1.     Family rings
Although this option is rare and unpopular to many couples, I think it is a real deal. Family rings are passed on from generation to generation. They help pass on heritage for centuries. You can consider it because it might be available free of charge.
2.    Second-hand rings

Well, a good number might not agree with me on this one primarily because they feel wedding rings sacred thus should never be transferable. However, you can find used rings beautiful and close to half the cost of a new version.
3.    Gem free rings
 Precious metals such as diamond, gold, and silver on a ring will cost you more. Consider alternative metals that come at more reasonable prices.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Why to invest in a cheap diamond ring?

Engagement is a critical milestone for any relationship. It implies maturity of love between two partners and the readiness to move on to the next phase of life together. One good turn deserves another, so if you are searching for the perfect way to appreciate your woman, a Cheap Diamond Engagement Ring is the way to go.
Engagement Ring 
It helps you express your love for the woman you love through its beauty in a way that you can never regret.  Indeed it's a sign of shared promise of affection to each other. Cheap diamond engagement rings for women are accessible in many jewellery outlets across the UK. Due to the wide pool to choose from, it is important to know what reflects your passion, romance, and desire for companionship.
In essence, an engagement ring for a woman is a display of a charming fairytale and closeness. It keeps everything straightforward and real. Despite their affordability, cheap diamond engagement rings for women have attractive features that are compelling to the eye. Buying one leaves you drowning deeper in love.
With broad categories to choose from, customers have access to all models that suit their needs. The innovative minds behind these creations leave buyers wondering at the level of perfection.

What to consider before purchasing diamond engagement rings
     i.        Pricing
Always strive to stay within your budget while out shopping for these products. Going for what you can afford to help you save for future expenses because after engagement a wedding could be on the way.
    ii.        Design
The market has more than a dozen styles to select from depending on your taste and preference. Take your time to go through all that is on offer before deciding on the most appropriate model. You can choose shapes which include round, emerald, and princess.
  iii.        Dimensions
It will do you good to know the measurements so that so don't miss the fit.

Benefits of buying cheap diamond engagement rings
·         There is value for money in the rings. You get highly desirable and beautiful pieces at meagre prices.

·         There is no restriction on selection. Buyers have an extensive list of alternatives to choose from without further hassle.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Why are diamonds special?

One of the rarest and precious stones, diamonds, hold a very special place in our hearts. The fact that it takes billions of years to form is not the only reason for its preciousness. The fact that it takes tonnes of the ore to give one carat polished diamond of a gem quality and that it touches four different continents for extraction and finishing before it sparkles in our hand makes it rare!

The story of love
Diamonds are forever and so are the memories bound to it. The Romans believe that the cupid’s arrow was tipped with this rare stone, hence the relationship between eternal love and diamonds. Austrian Archduke Maximilian,in 1500’s was the first man to gift his beloved, a diamond as a symbol of love. Centuries later diamond continues to be the most desired and grand gift sought for. A gem whose sacredness and radiance testifies the oneness of love.

A wedding ring is the most beautiful reminder to your everlasting relationship. Purchasing a diamond engagement ring or platinum wedding band is very special, at the same time bound with confusions. The authenticity of the gem along with the price range are all a matter of concern. is one such place where you find a variety of options that suit your needs without worrying about the quality.

Wedding bands
Tailor your wedding bands
Wedding rings made up of advanced metals of your choice (the ones that suit you) which are made with cut/ scratch and damage proof designing that lasts your ‘lifetime commitment’. While there are plain platinum wedding bands and gold bands too, the best-noted feature is creating your own love bands. The designing of your tailored rings involve the highest skills and a range of unmatched solitaires that give you the Dream Engagement/ Wedding Rings you have been looking for.

In search for the right ring
The diamond search option has an array of features like shape, cut, carat, price, colour and clarity that help to make your quest for the right ring easier. Advanced options like polish and symmetry refine your choice.

Planning the proposal or deciding the wedding band, take your time leisurely. Beyond everything, Diamonds are for a lifetime.