Thursday, 15 February 2018

Planning for Palladium? Here’s what you need to know

Are you considering buying a palladium ring? Although the metal palladium itself isn't new, its use in the jewellery is quite modern. The new alloy, 950 Palladium, is excellent for creating jewellery Palladium rings will give another alternative to white gold and platinum and can be used for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings.

Do Palladium Rings Tarnish?

Palladium weddings rings in the UK are high tarnish resistant. Palladium rings are composed of 95% pure palladium that means they do not carry the metals that induce silver to tarnish.

Wedding Rings
White gold should be treated with a process involving 're-rhodium' otherwise it will turn back to its yellow gold colour. Palladium rings feature a shinier white than platinum and white gold which make them ideal for wedding rings. The Palladium is affordable - generally about one-fifth of the cost of platinum. Palladium rings come in a wide variety of styles, from classic, an heirloom to contempo For many years, those with a good sum of money have opted with platinum rings for the stunning looks, durability and hypoallergenic qualities. If you could not afford platinum and are willing to sacrifice hypoallergenic features to keep the elegant white metal look, then the metal of your choice was white gold. Palladium rings are the best alternative to platinum and expected to continue their rise of the reputation for many years to come. For those with modest budgets but want quality, value and excellence at an affordable price, Palladium rings are a blessing.

Your palladium ring will have a pleasant steel-white sheen and will be durable enough to hold any stone secure for years, even if you never remove your ring. Palladium will not tarnish and is excellent for filigree work, allowing for a broad spectrum of designs. Palladium rings are also 12% harder than Platinum, which translates into fewer signs of wear than Platinum. The palladium wedding rings can be up to 40% lighter than wedding rings made of platinum. For men, this may not be that different, but on slender female fingers, it can be a real blessing, especially if the ring bears a heavy stone.

More and more jewellers are bringing out lines of palladium jewellery, so the choice in design and style is expanding with every season. Although the palladium is much rarer than gold, market rates are still driven by the cost of gold, so palladium continues to be the better bargain. With its lovely white metal sheen, the durability of the ring, the purity which delivers hypoallergenic wear, and the fact that it will not tarnish, purchasing a palladium ring for a wedding ring is a perfect choice. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

How to Choose the Right Ring Metal ?

This is the simpler and more enjoyable part of the process! Picking your ring metal is a vital factor when making your final choice, as it can not only affect the way it looks but factors like price, maintenance and care. If you want a wedding ring that contrasts with the colour and tone of your partner’s ring, then choose only after a discussion. Let's go through the top favourite ring metals.

Platinum is rarest of all available precious metals and also the whitest, strongest, and highly durable. Platinum delivers a uniform white shine without the requirement for rhodium plating. Its qualities combine hypoallergenic nature and excellent resistance to metal corrosion.
Extremely famous amongst budding grooms. It is a close member of the platinum family but with around 1/3 of the price. Palladium delivers a classy, dark grey shine, which you cannot find in other
metals. It contains comparable qualities to platinum, such as  hypoallergenic properties, resistance to corrosion,  and uniform shine.

White Gold
The white gold is an alloy of yellow gold, blended with white metal to deliver a shine similar to platinum. It needs rhodium plating every few years to maintain its radiant shine. White Gold can also be obtained without rhodium plating, which gives a unique mixed gold blend with sparkles of yellow and white.

Yellow Gold
Yellow Gold is available in 18 and 9-carat alternatives. Yellow gold is the most traditional of all wedding ring metals. It was used in the first ever gold wedding rings dating back to the Egyptian era. The metal is timeless and has played a significant role in cultural and religious ceremonies for centuries owing to its valuable nature and rarity. Yellow gold is the best choice for 9 ct wedding rings.

Rose Gold
One of the stylish metals of modern days found in hand watches, necklaces, bracelets, all sorts. Rose gold is preferred by brides and grooms alike, making for a beautiful matching set. It is formulated using gold mixed with silver and copper alloys, to deliver that lovely pink-red tone. 18-carat is a much lighter and rosier hue than 9-carat because 9-carat rose gold contains more copper.

The most prevalent of all precious metals, more natural to source and affordable to buy. Perfect as a temporary or “stand-in” ring if you are unable to make up your mind. Once you’ve decided the metal you wish to have, now comes the part which ties it all together. You’re going to choose the style of the wedding ring.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Benefits of Purchasing His and Hers Matching Wedding Rings

For a significant number of couples buying wedding rings proves quite challenging. In fact, the scenario becomes more challenging when the bride and groom go for the purchases at different times or places. Further, considering other factors such as the nature of the metal setting, the form of gemstone or if the ring will blend with the engagement ring you already have, the whole issue can be mentally consuming.

His and hers matching wedding rings simplifies the whole process by giving you a one-off solution for both the husband and wife. Unlike during engagement when you are subject to a lot of uncertainty, for example, whether your partner will like whatever you have got for them, during marriage you are already aware of the tastes and preferences.

Wedding Band
Therefore, going for his and hers matching wedding rings fulfils the quest for symbols of marriage vows without much ado. The collection affords you unlimited happiness necessary for the union by limiting the common worries during wedding planning.

The blend of beautiful designs and modern stunning profiles are without a doubt an ideal classic even for the choosy couple. Most metals utilised in the manufacture of his and hers wedding rings give results of high glossy finishing and magnificent cuts that are both eye-catching and provide a higher level of satisfaction.

Well, there exist several options you can settle for because the manufacturers try to have in mind every need at the production stage. No wonder you can almost never get it wrong with the matching rings for your wedding.

Why his and hers matching wedding rings?

  •  Limits stress

The apparent similarity in the complimenting rings eliminates the pressures couples have to face if each has to buy rings separately. Here you don't have to think twice whether the shapes or styles will mirror the others because that is taken care of already.

  •  Uniformity

A wedding is all about the unification of two to one eternal bond. Going with matching bands no doubt summarizes all the similarities between two people in love going forward.

Monday, 11 December 2017

A Brief Overview on Diamond Engagement Rings

Numerous steps define a perfect relationship. When it comes to engagement, identifying a proper engagement ring sums up one of the things a gentleman needs to get right as an outright stamp of affection and care. The exciting and definitive move towards your proposal cannot get better than when you opt for a diamond engagement ring.

Wedding Engagement Rings
Well, many people out there find it confusing because it may be the first time they really want to impress and at the same time surprise their loved one. You can escape the familiar worries by going the diamond way. Even though choosing such bands takes into account a lot of things, it should be less of the uphill task it has always been perceived to be.

The diamond engagement rings collection simplifies everything because one can always find pieces that suit every taste. With meticulously crafted designs, your experience in the field of jewellery is likely to change forever.

That said, there are basics you should be aware of whenever you are out sampling the diamond engagement rings. From factors such as shapes, sizes, style and setting, and colours you need to have a rough idea of common elements you need to take into account before any purchase.

Common features you should consider while out shopping for diamond engagement rings

      i.        Ring style and setting
The styling and metal setting should manifest the personality of the wearer. For instance, wide and horizontal styling may work better for those with long and slender fingers.

     ii.        Shape
With diamond engagement rings you will find several forms that fit varying tastes. However, it calls for further research on what is likely to be adored by your partner because the shape is no limit to sparkle and brilliance you can access. You have options such as brilliant round, Marquise, Princess, Pearl, Asscher, Cushion, Emerald, Heart, and Oval among others.

    iii.        Size
During the proposal, you want to leave a mark; therefore, getting something that fits precisely makes more sense. You can do this by carrying one of her existing rings to the jeweler to avoid the disappointing scenario of a large or non-fitting ring when proposing.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

All you need to know about Platinum Wedding Rings

Marriage ceremonies may differ in themes and styles, vows are also often personalised, but the idea of wedding bands appears to have a common significance from times immemorial. Usage of rings as symbols of love and as a stamp of newly achieved status has survived through generations, cultures, and religions.

Court Shaped Wedding Band
Over the time, however, there is a visible shift from simple models with no patterns or designs to more detailed engravings and use expensive metals. Platinum wedding rings, for example, offers a diverse collection of contemporary jewels that meet the needs of current generation weddings.

Manufactured from natural and pure metals, platinum wedding rings availed by most UK jewellers ranks among the few luxury marriage band alternatives. Indeed, they display a perfect expression of love that can never fade away quickly. Regardless of your reason for the choice, there is no doubt on the ultimate satisfaction derived from the rings by couples.

Why platinum wedding rings

         a.    Purity

Platinum wedding rings are in most cases cast with 95% pure platinum which is inherently white. As a result you are can get the full radiance and glamour that does not fade away but remains intact for extended periods.

         b.    Rare

Well, everyone likes to feel unique all the time hence getting possession of something as scarce as platinum wedding rings no doubt brings satisfaction. Typically, Platinum is known to be thirty times rarer than Gold thus any of its products attracts attention.

         c.    Durable

The wedding rings manufactured out of this metal can withstand the test of time because of the incredible density of the parent metal. You can be sure of consistent brilliance for years without the need to polish.

        d.    Hallmark

In the UK all platinum wedding rings must have a hallmark as provided for in the law. The unique tag identifies the purity and quality of the products.

Care for a platinum wedding ring

While platinum is one of the durable luxury metals for jewellery, it can be subject to dents or tarnish if you don't take appropriate care while wearing its products. Therefore, always consider removing your ring while undertaking rough or manual activities and when you are handling corrosive substances.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

An Overview on Diamond Eternity Rings

Usually, eternity rings are symbols of special occasions, achievements or commemorations. For example, they can be given during wedding anniversaries, during birth or adoption of a child, during birthdays, for Valentine's Day or even as Christmas present.

Diamonds eternity rings to this end suit such events for those seeking an extra sparkle than in other existing alternatives. As a symbol of powerful and everlasting expression, the modern diamond collection affords you lavish opportunity to express yourself.

The beauty of diamond eternity rings is that most of the leading creations tend to work for every significant milestone. Through an innate timeless glamour and styling, your idea for a befitting gift whether for love, declaration of appreciation or as a pure expression of care all gets accomplished to perfection.

From traditional days to date diamond has stood as an ideal gemstone for eternity rings not only because it's firm and durable but also because it has a long history tied to love and romance. Make no mistake because you will love every bit of diamond eternity rings.

Basic designs of diamond eternity rings

1.    Full eternity rings
These have diamonds set on the entire circumference of the band. The plan comes with incredible beauty that is irresistible.

2.    Half-eternity rings
Half-eternity rings have the gemstones placed in the upper 50% the length of the band. The option gives a practical alternative for those looking for something simple and affordable.

Factors to consider while out shopping for diamond eternity rings

ü  Cut
The cut in most cases defines the ring style, surface, and facets that allow the luminous features of the ring to manifest. Common ones include Brilliant, Good, and Excellent.

ü  Colour
Diamonds are colour-graded from D to Z, where D is the least-coloured and Z distinctively yellowish. The scale should help decide depending on your colour preference.

ü  Carat
Usually, the measurement of diamonds is in carats. If your preference is an eternity ring with more diamonds, you should go for one with a higher Carat measurement.

ü  Clarity
The level of clarity tells of the degree blemishes on the jewellery.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Palladium Wedding Rings – The Newest Trend

A wedding is a special occasion which lingers in mind forever not only as a celebration of love but also as a sign of a new status. Well, across cultures the day can never be complete without the vows which get to the epitome at the exchange of wedding rings.

That said, if you are out in the market in search for an incredible band to mark the all-important day, Palladium wedding rings could go down well you. Through a blend of looks and durability, the unique collection comes with different styles, and top designs you will love and appreciate in equal measure.

Court Shaped Wedding Band
Unlike the traditional alternatives, Palladium wedding rings are genuinely different. Made out of unique metal, they offer an extra-edge in the market with well-worked-out features that are a delight to the eye.

Your journey to a timeless memory of the wedding day comes alive from the start. With beautiful deep tones and the touch of elegance visible from the crafting, palladium wedding rings gives you real value. What else can one ask for that is not accommodated in this relatively new collection?

Although palladium is a recent arrival in the field of jewellery making, its rarity gives it an exceptional appeal that many contemporary couples admire. In fact, it is a real 21st-century marvel anyone would not hesitate to purchase if they had the chance to do so.

Palladium wedding rings give value particularly to the parent metal. Each piece comes with absolute quality that makes it a real bargain no matter the circumstances.

Reasons why you should try out palladium wedding rings for your special day

  •     Uniqueness

As products of a malleable metal the products comes with well cut out and intricate designs that are in the class on their own. The naturally white nature of palladium gives the rings a beautiful glitter on the finger.

  •      Durable

The materials used in the crafting of the products are tarnish resistant and does not require a coating to serve you for long durations.

  •     Hypoallergenic

Palladium is nickel-free hence you do not have to worry about reactions or allergies if your skin is sensitive.