Monday, 9 October 2017

Cheap Wedding Rings ideas

World over a marriage ceremony is a valued occurrence that culminates a relationship between a couple in the presence of their loved ones. In many cultures, this day is not usually complete without the bride and groom exchanging wedding rings. Though it could appear to have less impact in life, it is one of the few things that keep reminding a couple of the day forever.

Usually, many people getting married only think of high-end luxury bands as the most appropriate without regard to the financial demands they will have to tolerate. Ideally, partners should go for something they can afford without straining their budget.

Currently, there exists a vast collection of cheap wedding rings to choose from without sacrificing desired elegance and sense of style. In any case, simple and detailed rings that come at pocket-friendly prices offer an incredible attraction to couples who are more interested in the significance of the day rather than the cost of the rings.

Wedding Rings
During the whole process of organising a wedding, there's a lot that runs through one’s mind. With various costs to meet you can get overwhelmed budget wise. To this end, it saves a great deal to purchase a cheap wedding ring.

Why cheap wedding rings

A wedding is always a good thing, and everything about it should leave you happy ever after. However, your decisions can come back to haunt you after settling back to the daily routine, for instance if you purchased a band for your big day through a loan. Therefore, going the affordable way still allows you to enjoy the elegance while making sure you have no regret later.

Cheaper options you may consider buying

v  Second-hand wedding bands

From many jewellers out there you can find used rings that offer almost similar quality as new ones. You can get them polished and they good to go.

v  Gem free rings

Gemstones are precious and reflect luxury, but they come at a cost. Opting for a ring that is gem free saves the situation if you are on a tight budget. Later you can go for an upgrade or as soon as you can afford it.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Why should Loose Diamonds be Bought in-Person?

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding a cheap diamond engagement ring is one of the most challenging tasks. Why? Because it is the rarest of the rare moments in your life and it presents your commitment and understanding towards your fiancee. Secondly, purchasing the cheap diamond engagement ring for a woman is tougher, because women are known to be more choosy and observant than men. Well, there is nothing wrong in being choosy and observant, but it surely puts a huge pressure on men while buying an engagement ring. Digitalization has certainly helped you to read blogs and article offering you the tips to buy diamond rings, but nothing compares to an in person experience!

Do certifications matter while buying diamond jewellery?

Like any big purchase, it is essential to do your research before buying. However, while learning about it using multiple digital resources can be incredibly helpful, but the experience gained from a single visit to a shop is paramount. You can compare different certifications, but at the end of the day, this won't tell you exactly how the diamond really looks like. So, the only way to know what a diamond looks like is to see it in person. The certifications may help you to assure the quality of diamonds buys to choose the right stone to fulfill your needs, you need to check it in person. Even if you check the GIA certificates of two almost similar diamonds, both diamonds might have identical grades for Color, Clarity and Cut. On paper, these diamonds are the same! But, in reality, you can see huge differences between the stones. A diamond certification describes just the characteristics of a diamond, but it doesn’t capture its appearance.

What to look for when you visit a diamond retailer?

No matter where you choose to visit for a diamond purchase, make sure you see manifold diamonds side by side to make a right diamond comparison. You will instantly see the differences for yourself. This offers you the chance to decide on the best diamond for you that fits your budget.

Seeing the diamond in person is also the excellent way to judge its size. Since diamonds are measured by their weight, not physical dimensions, not all stones of the same carat size will look alike. For example, a 1-carat diamond can look 10-20% larger or smaller than another 1-carat diamond based on their actual diameters. As a tall person vs a short person; they could weigh the same, but look different. A side by side in-person comparison is the only genuine method to see the tradeoffs between sparkle and visual size as the diameter range dictates the maximum sparkle and light return.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Why Can Palladium be the Best Choice for a Wedding Ring?

Wedding Rings
Wedding rings are the token of eternal love, care and appreciation. Expensive is not always beautiful; rather beauty should never be judged by a price tag. We love our partners for them for their virtues, not for the price tag they can afford. Similarly, the tradition of offering diamond rings in weddings can be replaced by another stunning pair of palladiumwedding rings. To seal them eternal bond, many couples are visiting the brick and mortar jewellers or online retailers to buy palladium wedding rings in the UK.  In this blog, we will go through the modern and popular option. i.e. palladium wedding rings!

What is Palladium?
Palladium is a naturally occurring white precious metal, in the platinum metals group family. It is a chemical element with the symbol 'Pd'. In 1803, a fascinating man William Hyde Wollaston discovered Palladium. Palladium is rare, even much rarer than gold and even platinum!
              Since 1939, the Palladium started to be used in jewellery. During the second world war, platinum was in high demand for the war effort, and its availability decreased. So palladium rings became a great alternative to platinum. Palladium is hypoallergenic in nature and a great choice for those with sensitivity concerns. Palladium is much stronger but less dense than platinum.

Why Choose Palladium Ring over the Platinum Ring?
Yes, platinum is a naturally white precious metal. Being in the platinum metals group family, palladium is also naturally white precious metal. A platinum ring will cost higher than a similarly styled palladium ring.

The density of the metals is also a huge difference. Platinum is a very dense metal so that a platinum wedding band will be quite heavy. On the other hand, palladium is rather lightweight. This means that a palladium wedding band will feel much lighter on the finger.

More and more jewellers are bringing out lines of palladium jewellery, so the choice in design style is growing with every season. Although palladium is rarer than gold and market prices are still based on the cost of gold. So palladium remains the better deal. With its lovely white metal sheen, the purity that delivers hypoallergenic wear, the durability both of the ring body and prongs, and the fact that it will not tarnish, buying a palladium ring for a wedding is a perfect choice.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

5 Must Know Tips to Identify a Real Diamond

Cheap Wedding Rings
The world we are living in is fast paced where trends come and go. Especially in the jewellery industry, the designers are constantly bringing new ideas and designs which are captivating the buyers with their charm and beauty. While the While the classic, sparkling diamond has remained one of the most sought-after gems by everyone for centuries. Identifying a real diamond is a challenging task which requires an eye for detail. Here are five useful tips to identify a real diamond from a fake one.

The Magnification Test
The real diamond is imperfect! The diamond found in the mine will have an irregular shape and supernatural shine unlike the fake diamonds artificially made in a lab. Observing the real diamond under jeweller’s loupe or microscope will reveal its divine imperfections, complemented with extremely sharp edges, which make this brilliant rock stand out from the others.
Also, a genuine diamond is usually mounted on a pure gold and not on any gold plated metal. The magnification test helps to identify the originality of the diamonds from any jewellery such as diamond solitaire or the diamond eternity rings.

The Sandpaper Test
Being the hardest material on the earth, a real diamond doesn't have scratches and abrasions. Whereas the fake ones might form scratches on its surface if rubbed with sandpaper. After a sandpaper test, the real diamond retains its sheer lustre, proving the fact that only a diamond can cut another diamond.

The Reflection Test
Hold it up a real diamond against crisp sunlight and observe the way the sun’s rays bounce back from the stone; it will give out a brilliant white and grey dazzle with a hint of a rainbow sparkle at the edges. On the other hand, a fake diamond will give out the rainbow hues right from the centre, without a glittering grey shine.

The Fog Test
Real diamonds are good conductors of heat and typically do not possess a layer of heat or fog. So, if you clean the stone and expose it to warm air, the possible formation of layer distinguishes a fake diamond from a real one.

The Refraction Test
The Refraction Test is the ultimate test to check the authenticity of a perfect diamond. To perform this test, place the gem on a plain sheet of paper and examine the image of its shadow. If it forms a dark shadow, then the gem is not an authentic diamond. An exquisite diamond gives out a beautiful shine as light scatters through its convoluted facet lines and creates a fine geometrical shadow filled with radiance and charm. A real diamond will emit a clear cut dazzling illumination of scattered light, confirming its originality.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Did You Know About These 6 Types of Diamond Cuts ?

Bands For Hands
You must have heard all time popular song 'Diamonds are a girl's best friends' performed by Marilyn Munroe. Who would deny the fact after witnessing the shimmering beauty and stunning looks of a diamond? Diamond solitaire marks the beginning of a beautiful relationship whereas the Diamond eternity rings strengthen the bond of love. Everyone is different and so are their choices while selective the perfect diamond jewellery for their loved ones. The jewellery industry in the UK offers numerous diamond shapes where you can enjoy the variety of diamonds and narrow down your search while purchasing diamond jewellery. Which of the following diamond cut is your favourite?

Developed in the late 1970s, the princess cut is the second most famous cut.  It yields 80% of rough and is very brilliant.  The princess' cut is popular in invisible settings or channel settings because of their straight sides. The princess cut's face-up shape is rectangular or square, and the profile shape is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four bevelled sides.

The pear shape is a hybrid of the marquise and round cuts--with one pointed end and one rounded end. The pear offers graceful and elegant dangling as a pendant or earring. The pear can be made with many differences in length-to-width proportions, where every style offers a differing appeal.  Many people also find long and skinny pear shapes appealing and think it is a perfect for a pendant. The pear shape offers just as much brilliance as a round.

Lazare Kaplan created the oval shape diamond cut in the 1960's. The oval diamonds are a modified brilliant-cut (like virtually all round cuts). Because the two shapes possess a similar fire and brilliance, the oval diamonds are favoured by many.

Marquise also known as navette shaped, gained popularity in bridal jewellery during the 1970s. Although the cut has been around since the 1900s and many Art Deco designs are studded with Marquise cut diamonds. The shape of the marquise diamonds is said to mirror the hull of a small boat.

The modified heart shaped diamonds are a unique and unmistakable symbol of love. Heart shaped diamonds are very popular in solitaire pendants as well as rings. The lobes of a heart can vary, giving you a diverse appeal of sizes. It is necessary to have it set in a protective setting as the points of hearts can chip or break easily.

The stunning look of the emerald cut diamond is created by the step cuts of its pavilion. It is a rectangular step cut which comes with clean lines that give a diamond an elegant appeal. The emerald cut diamonds produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interplay of light and dark planes.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

5 Valuable Tips for Wearing Jewellery at Work

Titanium bracelets
Who doesn't like to make heads turn? Though the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, a stunning piece of jewellery is always something more. It signifies creative display, sophistication and inner beauty of a pretty woman. Wearing jewellery at work is always tricky and stressful. For one, while hurrying through the morning chores, getting dressed is always a pain. It's really very confusing to pick out exactly the kind of jewellery that would complement your clothes and does not look loud at the same time. Here are few helpful tips to make sure you do it right.

Skip the long ones, statement pieces and the big chunks
If a formal dress code is must at your workplace, then it becomes necessary to drop the chunky necklaces and long earrings such as danglers. These are usually dressy and add to bling, which might not bode very well with the formal colours that you wear.

Try on some flat earrings and studs
Usually, the mornings are fresh and calmer whereas the midway to your office hours you are found facing the storm! So, choose your earrings not just considering your morning mood. In your office hours, you might need to rush through desks and handle a phone multiple times, and any jewellery that is not flat might end up annoying you. So, pick out some simple studs and flat earrings.

Finger rings are attractive
At the office, the attention to your face is constant; no one pays attention to your fingers right away. So, a simple gold ring studded with a few beautiful gemstones could do the trick. You can also add a pearl ring to your collection, which goes well with casual or formal work wear.

Strings are always a good investment
Nothing goes well with your formal wear than a classy string of pearls. You could wear a pearl string with a lacy blouse or a buttoned down shirt.

Wear a chain bracelet
A gold chain bracelet is simple, light and super beautiful. While it works very well with western formals, you can express your personality with any classic design you love the most. The bracelet proves as a blessing if you plan to step out to an evening of drinks straight from work! You can also invest in titanium bracelets which spark with the elegance and simplicity. Many jewellery shops in the UK offer premium quality men's titanium bracelet. That can be a great choice to gift your best office friends.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Women Jewellery: What to Wear and When

Palladium Wedding Rings UK
Nothing else brings a wider smile to our face than a pretty diamond eternity ring, a jangly necklace or beautiful and sparkling diamond earrings. Big or small, simple or trendy, diamond jewellery for women always lifts our spirit. We wear jewellery not just to look stunning but also as a defining style statement. For us, jewellery is not just a simple addition that goes well with an outfit; rather it is what expresses our femininity and elegance. In this blog, the few appealing jewellery and their specific occasions are mentioned which will help you wear right jewellery at the right time.

Bracelets should be worn on your right hand only. You can adorn a single gold bracelet studded with diamonds can make you look special and wonderful, or 3-4 thin bracelets that swing on your hand can simply add beauty to your persona. If your bracelet is decorated with diamonds or pattern of gems that centre it, allow to show off your hand. Bracelets signify royalty and classiness and suit any outfit at any occasion. The variety of patterns of gold designs on the bracelets with lovely diamonds makes the appearance look amazing.

You can try out simple, small earrings if your height is short or medium. If you are into wearing the solitaires, you can experiment with them depending on the occasion. The solitaires are usually the ‘chunky button’ earrings that are gripped with the real diamond pieces and beautified in the shape of gold prongs. There is nothing that makes a deep impact like a beautiful earring along with lush hairstyle. If you are tall, you can exhibit diamond danglers that look better with smooth hair.

Engagement Rings
Most girls prefer wearing classy diamond rings on their fingers. Slim diamond rings are worn on the ring-finger. They can wear two or three rings in different fingers if they wish, but never wear two rings on the same finger. You can wear exclusive 10k gold rings with diamond gem carved on it on the forefinger. If you have slim arms and fingers, rings look beautiful on your fingers. The white diamond rings can match up with any of your dresses in any occasions. If you have coloured diamonds, such as blue, red, yellow, pink, chocolate or maroon diamond, you’ve to complement it with your outfit colour only.

Necklaces and Pendants
Necklaces usually go well with traditional outfits only, but mostly with medium or low-cut dresses. The broad range of designs of necklaces and pendants can be experimented as per your taste and look. The diamond gem necklaces should be worn mainly for evening wear. You can try out short, medium or large chain pieces as per your choice. You can also experiment with gold, diamond, platinum or mixed metal necklaces to make a style statement and a stunning look.