Friday, 17 November 2017

5 Must Know Tips on How to Choose Palladium Rings Online

If you want a wedding ring made of precious metal which suits your taste as well as the pocket, a palladium ring might be the perfect choice for you. Although you may want to look at palladium rings in person at local jewellery stores, there are many advantages to buying your ring online. Typically, online retailers have a much diverse selection to choose from, and their rates are usually lower as well. Here are a few valuable tips to follow while buying a palladium wedding ring online in the UK.

Court Shaped Wedding Band
1. Remember Your Budget:
It’s obvious to get caught up in the wedding fever and make mistakes in the excitement of shopping. Many times you end up paying way more than you intended to. It’s best to decide your maximum budget and keep that in front of you while visiting online retailers. Fortunately, palladium rings are typically less costly than other precious metals, which should make it somewhat comfortable to stay within your maximum budget.

2. Choose a Trustworthy Jewellery Retailer:
This is particularly critical when you’re shopping online and can’t have a face-to-face conversation with the retailer. Be sure the company is not new and has been in business for some time.

3. Be Certain With the Choice of Metal:
 Palladium shares many of the characteristics with platinum. It’s quite durable and has a rich, beautiful lustre that is comparable to platinum. However, it doesn’t need re-coating like white gold often does, and it’s much cheaper than platinum. Palladium rings are lighter in weight than other precious metals. Unlike other precious metals, palladium is hypoallergenic. It’s also somewhat moldable and can be inscribed and resized, although resizing is a bit more challenging than with other precious metals.

4. Buy Only Quality Merchandise:
A high-quality palladium ring is typically grade 950, which indicates that the metal is 95% palladium and 5% some other alloy. So before purchasing, verify that the palladium ring is grade 950. If you’re buying a palladium ring that comprises a gemstone, be sure to find out about the quality of the gem well before you purchase the ring. This is another reason to make sure that you deal with reputable retailers, whom will usually only carry best quality merchandise.

5. Pay Attention To The Guarantee:
Good and trusted online retailers often offer lifetime guarantees on their merchandise. Be sure the retailer you do business with offers the same.

Monday, 13 November 2017

How to Effectively Care the Fancy Coloured Diamonds?

When it comes to the fancy coloured diamonds, the prices are always sky rising. It is because they are rare and stunningly beautiful. A diamond solitaire studded with a deep and enchanting fancy coloured diamond is certainly an incomparable gift. The fancy colour diamonds are stones that, unlike white diamonds, are vibrantly coloured due to either natural processes or artificial treatment. Naturally coloured diamonds get their colour from chemical compounds or inclusions inside the stone. In contrast, treated fancy colour diamonds have had their colours intensified by using heat. Since the colour-enhancing treatment affects the characteristics of fancy colour diamonds, there are certain practices you should follow when cleaning these stones. We will discuss some of these in the following blog.
Wedding Bands

Avoid Heat
Fancy colour diamonds that have been artificially treated are sensitive to heat. Subjecting them to high temperatures can alter their colours. Be careful if you don’t want your coloured diamonds to lose their hue and become dull.

Keep Away from Ultrasonic Cleaners
Due to their heat sensitivity, fancy coloured diamonds should not be put into ultrasonic diamond cleaners. In addition to ultrasound, these cleaners use very hot liquids to clean jewellery, and coloured diamonds can get damaged by the temperature.

Tell Your Jeweller If Your Diamond Is Treated
If you need to get your jewellery fixed, and it contains colour-enhanced diamonds, always disclose this fact to your jewellery. While manipulating the jewellery pieces, many jewellers sometimes use tools while producing extreme heat, which can damage your coloured stones. Make sure the person performing the repairs is well-informed of any treatment your fancy coloured diamonds have been subjected to so that your stones are carefully handled.

The Proper Way to Clean Coloured Diamonds

1. Always clean your coloured stones by hand to ensure that no damage is done.

2. Make sure that none of your diamonds is loose in their settings to avoid any accidental damage while cleaning.

3. Remove any hair caught in your jewellery, and use water to wash off the accumulated dust on your stone.

4. Make a cleaning solution of hot water and dishwashing soap that doesn’t contain detergent. Put your jewellery in the liquid and let it stay there for about 5 minutes.

5. Scrub the coloured diamond gently with a soft brush to remove any dirt from your stone until it is fully clean. Use a cotton cloth or flannel to wipe your jewellery dry.

6. Avoid using ammonia on mounted diamonds as the chemical may affect the look of the metal in which the stones are set.

Storing them cautiously
Store your fancy colour diamonds separated from each other and other gemstones to avoid scratching. It’s best to use a soft cloth to wrap your coloured diamonds individually.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Benefits of Palladium Wedding Rings

While wedding bands are a show of relentless commitment of love and marriage between two individuals getting the right ring is something most couples value so much. Buying quality pieces creates a long-lasting impression from the day of the union. Similarly, others struggle with the idea of keeping to the commonly used metal varieties because of their perceived reliability and elegance.

Wedding Bands
In the UK today, there are many metal varieties you can go for, some traditional while others are relatively recent innovations. That leads to the outstanding Palladium wedding rings. If you are not sure of what you would love to be on your finger for the rest of your life palladium versions will impress.

Being a rare metal, it presents a different twist to marriage bands. Currently, Palladium wedding rings continue to record an ever-rising preference by new couples because of its sense of alternativeness.

Well, if have any doubts here are a few reasons why you may consider Palladium wedding rings:-

ü  Low maintenance requirements
The rings are creations of resilient metal that can withstand daily wear and tear influences. You get the assurance of extended use without the regular need for re-polishing.

ü  Hypoallergenic
If you have sensitive skin, you don't have to think twice because the rings are comfortable to the skin and will not cause any reactions e.g. allergies.

ü  Different designs to choose from
As a buyer, you can select what works for you from the simple, narrow, or wide models. Also, there are numerous distinct but lovable finishing that caters for every preference.

ü  Reasonable pricing
Every cent you spend on a palladium wedding ring is up to standard with the amount of work put into it and quality you receive. The comparable affordability in no way compromises on the quality.

ü  Palladium is special
As compared to other rings materials available on offer, this is a rare metal which makes its products a precious possession. As such, purchasing its wedding rings puts you in a unique category that only a few belong.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Overview of the Men's Titanium Wedding Rings

Talking about a recent creation that leaves timeless marks of style on any man's finger then Titanium wedding rings meets that description. The relatively new alternative comes in varying designs, shapes, and sizes that grant a new dimension to what individual buyers can get in the market.

Typically, a wedding band is a sign of a specially acquired status in any society. As a result, it should express all the beauty that comes with the achievement. Furthermore, in most societies men are viewed as pillars and strengths of any relationship. Therefore, acquiring any of the men's Titanium wedding rings that are also known to display firm and solid stature goes down well with this common perception.

Although Titanium was not traditionally utilizable for marriage rings, recent shifts and advancement in innovation have led to the current reality of Titanium wedding rings. Across the UK this alternative keeps getting more admirers by the day. With the extensive collection of pieces on offer, one could easily find it challenging whether to settle for simple or the detailed versions.

Titanium Court Shaped Band Ring
Men'sTitanium wedding rings allow you to enjoy a unique colour scheme that nears none of a similar kind in the market. Also, offering different frames such as Court shape and Plain flat Court, the perfect fittings for the varying finger sizes provide incredible options for the contemporary gentleman.
Furthermore one has options such as plain diamond sets, blue or pink sapphire tension sets with the interior layer being laced with gold or silver to magnify the beauty. Without doubt, I would personally advise anyone to get a Titanium wedding band because of the following reasons:-

  •          They are strong and durable

Comparably, the rings are likely to last longer despite all the exposure to environmental conditions that may cause fading and scratching. You don't have to remove a platinum ring when performing non-strenuous tasks because it is enduring enough.

  • ·         Hypoallergenic

Whether you do suffer from metal allergies or not, you have nothing to worry over. Platinum is soft on the skin and will not cause any discomfort.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Why Platinum Wedding Rings are Perfect for the Modern Couple ?

Although small in size a wedding band is a crucial item during marriage ceremonies. To this effect, it is important to know what kind of material you would like for such a timeless jewel. Well, from most UK jewellers there are a lot of options crafted out of rare and expensive metals that buyers can choose to acquire for their treasured celebration.

Wedding Band
Platinum wedding rings collection is one such option that stands out because of their striking and adorable features. As compared to the numerous metal alternatives available Platinum brings in a unique touch of class and sense of contemporary jewel making to every couple who opts for it. Each piece boasts of excellent finishing that is close to none.

 Why go for a Platinum rings for your wedding.

      i.        Quality

Platinum is scarce and thus comes with substance. It gives the buyer an impressive lucidity that is enticing to the eye at a mere glance. A Platinum wedding rings distinct quality makes it irresistible for those who want to look lavish and elegant.

    ii.        Appearance

Platinum rings offer timeless beauty on your finger. The bands come with an authentic colour scheme that lasts for extended periods without the need for re-polishing. The naturally shining white shade makes it require no coating.

   iii.        Hypoallergenic

 If you have an issue with metal allergies with platinum wedding rings, you do not have to worry because the metal is hypoallergenic. The products are friendly on the skin hence you will not experience rashes or irritations.

   iv.        Uniqueness

Because platinum is a rare material, its rings are owned by few couples as opposed to traditional precious stones. Purchasing this type of band, therefore, puts you in the league of few who possess the rare piece of jewellery. Each band you buy will outlive your expectation.


With all these elements found on the rings, it thus, follows that the pieces cost more than other types of wedding rings. However, the price is in line with the value you get ultimately.  

Monday, 30 October 2017

How to Save Money While Buying a Loose Diamond?

Are you shopping a wedding ring for her? But not sure what your future fiancée prefers in a ring? Even if you are thinking to buy his and hers matching wedding rings, it might not work. It is natural that your choices or design are different from hers.  Consider purchasing a loose diamond and then choose on the mounting together. Make sure to have the loose diamond graded before having it mounted. In this blog, we will learn key tips to buy the best quality loose diamonds and make money.

Diamond Engagement Rings
1. Before you even start shopping, you set a budget. Based on your financial status and the purpose of the diamond, decide how much you can manage to spend on a diamond right now. If you plan to get the diamond set or have a piece of custom jewellery made for it, a factor that into your funds as well.

2. To find the best source of loose diamonds, ask around. Talk to your friends, coworkers or relatives who have bought diamonds in the past. One friend may have had a great experience at a neighbourhood jeweller, while online reviews may point you towards a reliable diamond retailer with great prices and client service. Some vendors may carry proprietary brands not available elsewhere.

3. Nothing compares to the safe, secure and trustworthy environment while buying a loose diamond. Whether online or in a physical store, look for loose diamonds certified by a reliable gemological laboratory such as the GIA, AGS, HRD and IGI. In-house appraisals can offer additional information, but your loose diamond should come with a reliable, independent lab certificate.

4. When you find a trustworthy vendor, ask to see different kinds of diamonds within your budget. You will notice that as you lower one factor, such as carat size, the diamonds in your price range will rise in other factors, such as cut quality. Which factor you emphasise is up to you. The loose diamond experts recommend always buying the highest quality stone you can afford, even if it is slightly smaller, slightly lower colour or of low clarity.

5. Besides, the 4 C’s, the shape of the diamond is a crucial decision to make when selecting a loose diamond. The classic round brilliant diamond is high in demand, but you may decide which type of cut diamond suits your needs better. Depending on how you intend to use your diamond, the fancy shape diamonds can be a great choice as well.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Benefits of buying Cheap Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

For the modern gentleman, cheap diamond engagement rings for women provide a reasonable way to show their willingness to take a relationship a notch higher. While love and affection are complicated and relative for every pair engagement is a defining moment. Therefore, the desire to face the situation is value enough.

Engagement Rings       

With exquisite yet affordable bands the market has on offer, there is no limit to expressing your passion for being together with the woman you love. Today, Diamond engagement rings collection is available both from in-store jewelers and online platforms. All it requires of you is to have an 
idea of ring style, shape, or setting that is likely to impress the love of your life.

Since engagement is a reflection of maturity and endurance in love, it amounts to showing appreciation your partner. Therefore, spending less or more on an engagement ring does not necessarily imply your level attention to the affair but serves to build on the romance even as you get ready for the years to come.

Cheap diamond engagement rings for women provide an alternative for those operating on tight budgets and others who want to keep it simple. Despite their reasonable pricing, you are still able to have a convincing level of value from every piece.

Benefits of cheap diamond engagement rings

1.    Value for money

The bands not only posses attractive features but they also come with intrinsic worthiness. Diamond creations are always known to be durable hence anyone purchasing an engagement ring from this collection will never think twice about what they spent.

2.    Uniqueness

You don't have to go for high-end products to feel unique. The numerous alternatives allow you to get what you desire and that makes you different.

3.    They fit tight budgets

Engagement means you are setting off for future family life. And so, your financial status should not be a barrier to this step of life. Cheap engagement rings still serve their function under all the circumstances without making go out of your way.